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Business writing examples

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Training references

Thanks for the fabulous presentation last night. First rate!

Charles Crawley

Eastern Iowa Chapter

Society for Technical Communications

Writing for broadcasting has always been one of those skills best taught on site with the individual broadcasters. Ms. Behrens offers services as a “writing coach,” something she did very successfully for Air Force Broadcasting Service when conducting the “Making Air Waves” workshop at AFBS affiliates in Europe and the Pacific while employed by Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. The year after she trained the AFBS members, they swept the Thomas Jefferson Awards Contest with winners in radio, television, and spot productions; media contest judges commented on the improvement in scripts and writing skills over previous years. Recommend that you consider using Ms Behrens in the future when pursuing writing skills training….

Michael R. Kinchen
Director, Air Force Production (ret.)
San Antonio, Texas

In my previous career in senior broadcast management, I had the opportunity to observe Laura Behrens as she trained staff members, and to work with her in evaluating the on-air work of employees. Bringing Laura on-site to conduct broadcast news training had the benefit of sending the staff to a condensed university course without losing anyone from their regular shifts. Her professional expertise and insight is so thorough that she's able to engage in a personable, one-on-one relationship with staff to develop or improve their skills in a completely relaxed and non-intimidating process. Everyone benefitted from Laura's visits, they really enjoyed the experience.

Robert W. Matheson
Director of Programming (ret.)
AFRTS Broadcast Center
March Air Reserve Base, California

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Academic feedback examples

Projects have included

  • Editing documentation for tenure and promotion applications
  • Editing abstracts and scholarly papers (example of first exchange on paper to be delivered at an international conference)

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Student writing examples

Here are three examples of work Red Pen Communications has done with students on their college admissions application writing:

  • First comments on an essay limited to 500 words
  • Final draft of the same piece
  • Student’s “final” 188-word draft of an item limited to 150 words, followed by the 148-word version we reached together, and that found its way onto his Common Application

This student earned the top academic scholarship and a significant service scholarship at his first choice college, based in part on the quality of his essays.

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